Simm G4 vs Patagonia Swiftcurrent expedition waders

The Simm G4 and the Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition are two of the best premium waders on the market today. Fishermen often have a preference towards either brand, and that is what they will go for. But for fishermen on the fence. Who can not decide it can be a tough decision.

Both waders share a lot of features in common, below we are going to put them in a head to head comparison.


The Simms G4 comes in two models. The basic stockingfoot G4 PRO comes in at just under $750. While the G4Z waders, featuring a front zipper, is $100 more expensive at $849.95.

The Patagonia Swiftcurrent Expedition wader is slightly cheaper, with the standard version costing $649 and the zipper version $749


Simms constructed their G4 waders from a new 4 layer Gore-tex Pro Shell in the legs, and 3 layers in the body. Wader legs receive more abuse so they benefit from thicker material. The material feels quite thick, but still flexible and comfortable to walk in. Simm claims their G4 is the most abrasion, puncture and tear resistant waders ever made. I know anglers who have over 1000 fishing days in Simm waders and they still hold up well.

Patagonia uses their own breathable 4 layer fabric embedded with DWR. In theory the embed DWR should allow the fabric to repel water for the lifetime of the product.

The swiftcurrents are made with a spiral stem construction which reduces stem length by over 20%. Patagonia doubled tapes seams, which is the area most prone to leaks.. In the high wear areas of knee and ankles, the material is further reinforced.


The G4 Pro is the most durable wader in the Simms line-up. Many fishermen consider them the most durable breathable wader on the market. I know fishermen who have owned G series waders for over a decade and over 1000 fishing days. Many fly fishing guides favor Simm G4 waders because of their durability and dependability. Despite rough treatment, my Simm waders have never sprung a leak.

Previous Patagonia models have struggled with durability. With the G4 Patagonia made a concerted effort to design their most durable wader yet. They used 4 layer fabric throughout, double tape seams and reinforced high wear areas. The Patagonia Expedition waders has only been on the market for a year, so far feedback has been positive.

Stocking foot

The Simms G4 comes with a fancy new compression molded stocking foot construction. Designed to provide a more comfortable fit while enhancing stability and warmth. Stocking feet are available in sizes ranging from 7 to 13.

Patagonia comes with a low volume anatomically designed booty. Designed for a sock like feeling. I personally notice little difference between the two. The stocking size ranges from 6 to 14.


Both waders are feature rich. They both include fleece lined hand warmers and plenty of pockets to store tippets other valuables. There is also an integrated fly patch.

The Swiftcurrents are neater to convert to waist heights. The suspension system has a good design, it is simple to use when converting to waist waders. It’s also possible to wear the Simms as waist height by folding the top down to just above the wading belt. I personally feel the swift current implementation is better.


Patagonia waders come in 19 different sizes, while simms offers around 25 sizes. Overall feedback is that Patagonia waders best suit taller, more athletic builds. While Simm waders are more generous fitting.


Simms replaced waders which leak in the first 60 days, and repair waders for free for the first year. Repairs outside the first year are charged a flat $60 fee. Simm attempts to repair waders within three weeks. Full Simm warranty details can be found here.

Patagonia back their waders with their Ironclad guarantee. If a purchaser is not satisfied, Patagonia will repair, replace or refund it. General feedback is that Patagonia replaces or fixes their waders no questions asked. It really is a very generous warranty.

Country of Origin

Simms 4G waders are made in Bozeman, Montana, America.

Patagonia Swiftcurrent waders are made in Vietnam

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